Monday, July 25, 2011

Chapter 11

After what seemed like moons, but was only a couple weeks, Magma was already fully healed, and the three had become fast friends. Moonlight and Sunshadow had told Magma about their past, and Magama had told them about his. It seemed as though the happy times would never end. Of course, though they had to. Once Magma was able to live on his own again, the two had left, believing that something greater in the mountain range was calling them.

And then, two more weeks passed, and the two had came to a very lush and green mountain, that seemed to have everything they needed in order to survive. "Well," Moonlight said as they came to a comfortable looking clearing. "I wouldn't mind staying here for a long time. Could we? It has everything!"
Sunshadow smiled. "Of course," he said. "If that's what you want. I like this place too."

As the siblings worked hard in making a den large enough for the big of them, and wind blew, carrying a dangerous scent. Sunshadow narrowed his eyes. "Do you smell that?" he asked his sister, and stood up when she nodded. "Foxes." Moonlight looked at her brother. "I'll go outside and look," she said.

When the gray cat returned, her eyes were widened and she was trembling. "A community..." she whispered. "This whole clearing is home to a community of foxes!"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chapter 10

The two siblings had eventually climbed through the mountain range, and were quite accustomed to the rocky terrain and cooler temperature. Occasionally, a large bird, either a falcon or hawk would fly above their heads, circling the giant rock that they were walking across, but they were never disturbed by those birds of prey.

One day, while they were both done with hunting and were sunning in a small valley, Sunshadow noticed something. "Moonlight," he said, sitting up suddenly.
His sister yawned. "What?" she asked, blinking sleepiness out of her eyes.
"Don't you think it's strange?"
"Well, we're getting higher, so it's supposed to be getting colder, right? But it seems to be getting warmer, don't you think?
Moonlight narrowed her eyes. "You're right," she said. "I noticed a little before, but now that you mention it, it is quite warm here. But....why?"
Sunshadow looked up, and realized that a top of one of the mountains seemed to be cut off, and was smoking. He grinned. "Maybe it's that."

The two didn't know why, but the volcano had seemed to be calling to them. As they hiked along its warm rock, Moonlight's ears twitched. "Did you hear that?" she hissed. "I thought I heard a cat yowl, but I guess I'm just hearing things..."
Sunshadow shook his head. "I hear it too," he said. "Do you think a cat's in trouble?"
Moonlight nodded. "We should go to the source of the sound," she suggested. "We should help any cat in danger, right?"

After walking for about five minutes, Sunshadow's eyes stretched wide as he saw a figure lying on the warm rock in front of them, pelt mangled and bloody. "There!" he said, dashing to the injured cat. It was a gray tom, and he didn't look so good. "I'll go get herbs," Moonlight said quickly, and padded away to search. Sunshadow walked closer to the other cat, and poked him slightly. "Um," he started. "Are you OK?" Slowly, the cat's eyes opened slightly. "Wha....?" a faint voice sounded.
"Don't talk too much," Sunshadow warned. "You're badly injured. But you are you?"
The voice that replied was weak and raspy, like a piece of chalk scraping the ground. "M-Magma."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chapter 9

The next day, the sun was shining so brightly that it felt wrong. As the two siblings continued to trek through the forest, the light shone in shafts down onto the soft, warm dirt, heating up the earth. At first, they travelled in silence, letting the sounds of nature fill up the emptiness, but after a while they began to talk, and soon enough both of them had weary paws, and their stomachs were growling with a strange fierceness.
"I guess we should do some hunting," Sunshadow commented.
Moonlight nodded. "We'll go off into separate directions," she said. "But one it gets dark we should come back here and keep on looking for a place to stay."
Once they had settled things out, they each padded their separate ways, to fill up their unsatisfied stomachs.

When Moonlight stalked back to the meeting place, belly full, she looked up and noticed something peculiar. The bushes next to her rustled, and she jumped as Sunshadow walked out and sat next to her.
"What are you looking at?" he asked.
"Look," the she-cat said, tilting her head to the rising moon. "The moon isn't full, but it should be, but something is blocking it."
Sunshadow squinted. "You're right," he said. "I-it looks like a giant rock. What could it be?"

Moonlight looked up at the towering, and almost majestic rock formation. "It's a mountain," she breathed, taking in the magnificent view.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chapter 8

The two quickly found a hollowed out tree, grateful for the dryness of the bark, as it was still raining outside. Moonlight quickly paced around the tree and found moss, enough to make a big nest for the both of them. As they settled down into their temporary home, Sunshadow gazed up at the sky. "I wonder if all of the DarkClan cats are up there," he said out loud, stars shining brilliantly in his eyes.

"I'm sure they are," Moonlight said, narrowing her eyes. "Every last one of them should be there, to hunt with StarClan forever." Sunshadow nodded. "I suppose you're right. Anyways, let's get some sleep. We should travel as much as we can tomorrow and we need to save up our energy."

As the two were falling asleep, Sunshadow felt his sister inching closer to him, and could feel her warm pelt on his. I wish life was always this peaceful, he thought. But then again, this earth can't be peaceful. A perfect world does not exist. Sighing, the tom closed his eyes. But I'm happy for now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chapter 7

Moonlight grinned, ignoring the darkness and the two foxes that surrounded them. "Great!" she said cheerfully, feeling better than she had ever felt in the past three moons. "Right, let's stop talking now, we still have these foxes to defeat!"

As the two battled with the foxes, eyes gleaming with a new determination that neither of them had ever experienced before, they realized that being in the clan had truly changed them, and it was not for the better. The two met, pelt to pelt, and scratched the wits out of the other two creatures, and they turned to each other, grinning as the foxes fled. "We did it!" Sunshadow exclaimed. "Yup," Moonlight said, beaming proudly at her brother. "Thank you," she said, suddenly remembering to thank him. "For staying, I mean. You could have stayed with Lightpelt in the ruined camp, but you stayed with me. Thank you."

Sunshadow smiled. "Of course I stayed with you," he said. "You're my sister, and you're more important to  me than any other cat, I promise." Moonlight nudged her brother. "Of course I knew that," she said. "Now, how about finding a place to stay the night?"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chapter 6

Sunshadow clenched his teeth together. "Mouse dung!" he spat. "First the whole clan dies, and now this! What's next?" Moonlight narrowed her eyes. Her brother usually was calm and quiet, and she couldn't stand what he had become now. "Shut up!" she said. "What's happened has happened! Now we just have to fight these foxes, right? So shut up and let's fight!"
Sunshadow glared. "But how can we keep on living now? We're loners again, can't you tell!?"
Moonlight growled, as the clouds behind her flashed with lightning. "That doesn't matter anymore! Being in DarkClan changed you, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not now. But it doesn't matter! Do you want to fight or not? Do you want to live or not?

"If you want to live, then fight with me! I hardly know who you are, Sunshadow, I-" The gray warrior choked, and no more words came out. She looked down at her paws in shame. "I..."
Sunshadow padded forwards so that he was standing next to his sister. "I'm sorry," he said, pressing his nose into her fur. "But I still can't believe this. So much tragedy....."

The brown cat straightened up. "But I will fight," he vowed. "From now on, we are once again loners, and we will fight!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chapter 5

Moonlight and Sunshadow ran as fast as their legs could carry them through the forest, rain pouring down on them, lighting striking in the distance. Every second they could hear the loud clap of thunder, which startled them greatly. Moonlight stopped. "Wait," she said, her eyes tracking down Sunshadow's mangled and bloody pelt, then dashed into a bush, looking for the correct herbs to help her brother. "No," he said. "That'll only slow us down. Let's keep running."

Moonlight sighed, but nodded. "Fine," she said. "But you'll get infections if you run around like this." For a moment, the tom's eyes went dull, then his head snapped up. "Lightpelt felt worse," he choked. "She died." This made his sister silent, and they both slowly started to run again. After a few moments, they stopped, not because of Sunshadow nor his sister. Blocking their path were two red foxes....